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About Us 

Generations Indigenous Ways is a community based Native nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering American Indian youth with the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education enhanced by Oglala Lakota values and way of life using Indigenous Sciences.  

We provide year-round education programs for American Indian students from the large land base of the Seven Council Fires, which covers the state of South Dakota. We are currently located near the community of Lost Dog, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Centered amid the Oglala people of the Titowan Oyate; the largest nation of the Seven Council Fires, our current range and focus encompasses the Pine Ridge reservation area. However, we welcome the participation of youth from all backgrounds, who have a desire to understand and strengthen the Oglala Lakota relationship with land through discovering and exploring the unique ecosystems and environmental issues of the area.  


Generations Indigenous Ways offers a K-12th grade Indigenous Science curriculum that incorporates Oglala Lakota Culture and Western Sciences.  This curriculum is derived from the Medicine Wheel Model that was established by the successful outcomes of the Native Science Field Centers at Hopa Mountain and on the Blackfeet Reservation.  

“People have to realize that science is innate, we are born with it. But in order to balance it out, you put the culture first. You have to know who you are."

Helene Gaddie


Our Values

Leadership • Environmental Stewardship • Tolerance and Respect • Self-esteem and Self-reliance

Community Service Creativity and Communication • Appreciation and Diversity • Trust and Self Expression

Our Team

Our staff, volunteers, and presenters are Oglala Lakota experts, earth scientists, conservational biologists, engineers, and artists from across the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. In bringing all of our different expertise together we are successfully creating one-of-a-kind informal STEM education opportunities for youth. 

Felice Dubray
Community Advisory Board Member 
Waylon Gaddie
Community Advisory Board Member/Seasonal Camp Coordinator
Helene Gaddie  
Executive Director
Father in law picture.jpg
Garland Not Afraid Sr
Community Advisory Board Member / Camp Crier
Merle "Misty" Brave
Community Advisory Board Member
Ulrike Werner
Community Advisory Board Member/Camp Presenter
Marlene Jamie Dull Knife
Admin Assistant/Office Coordinator
Mabel Picotte
mini emblem GIW _edited.jpg
Laban Red Owl, Lariah Christensen, Austin Merrival, Lauren Yellow Elk, Marsha Janis, Evangeline Picotte, Jayden Hernandez, Dylan Ashley
Seasonal Camp Support Staff, Cooks, Volunteers, Jr. Mentors, and  Mentors
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