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Informal Science Seminars

Designed to inform and educate the Oglala Lakota Oyate (people) about Lakota Culture and sustainability of ecosystems in the area and about current and developing environmental issues that affect these ecosystems; these seminars are open to the public.


Families are welcome and encouraged to participate in activities, view presentations, participate in discussions, create and participate in community projects, and share a traditional meal.


The Informal Science Seminars are located at community buildings and schools located on the east side of the Pine Ridge Reservation.  Due to Covid 19, these seminars are also being offered online and in hybrid settings. 



Some topics addressed include:

  • Geology of Ghost Canyon

  • Lakota Star Knowledge

  • Lakota Culture Sustainability 

  • Pute Tiyospaye (Lips Camp)

  • Lakota Mathematics

  • Water Rights

  • Renewable Energy & Alternative Heating

  • Oceti Sakowin Origins; Current and Original camp circles

  • Oceti Sakowin, Tribes, Reservations and Capitals

  • Science of the Tar Sands & the Keystone XL Pipeline

  • Solar Energy and Gardening

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