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Lakota Summer Science Field Institute
-  "Lakota Physics Camp"
June 5-8, 2023
-  "Journey to the Center of the Earth"
 July 26-29, July 3-6,10-13, 2023

The goal of the Lakota Summer Science Field Institute is to motivate youth to discover and explore science, technology, engineering, and math. Youth will learn how physics, mathematics, and the scientific method are required and used in designing a traditional bow, harvesting traditional plants and foods, and creating traditional beadwork and quillwork. Other learning topics that supplement the STEM curriculum are Lakota Plant Sciences, Paleontology & Geology, and a Tipi erecting presentation. 

Young Mens Horse Camp 2023_white text.jpg
Young Men's Horse Camp  
October 6-9, 2023


        Winter Camp, February 17-18, 2023   -   Lakota Astronomy & Historical Geology

         Spring Camp, Marchl 21-23, 2023  -  Water is Life  

         Summer Camp "Lakota Summer Science Virtual Institute", 

                                June 5-8, 2023 - Lakota Physics Camp & 

                                June 22-29, July 3-6, 10-13, 2023  -  Journey to the Center of the Earth

         Fall Camp, November 23- 26, 2023   -  Lakota Culture Sustainability & Wild Life Sciences

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