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Winter Camp 2022

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As STEM leaders in Lakota country, Generations Indigenous Ways is in the unique position of being knowledgeable of two worlds of learning and teaching. Integration of these two worlds, knowledge of both traditional Lakota values and Western science, is key to successfully reaching the Native American youth population. 


The Lakota culture is a hands on learning process, and integrating it is most successful through hands-on teaching methods.  Exposing youth to field experiences and different science labs gives them the opportunity to learn the sciences through hands-on experiences.

Through the Lakota Geology teachings we teach modern technologies of GPS/GIS.


The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation has all of the unique outdoor classroom settings to teach hands-on science education.

  • ecosystems located on the reservation have a variety of settings

  • unique geological sites found only in the Badlands of South Dakota on the the northern portion of the reservation. 

  • several types of wetland areas that vary from the east end to the west end of the reservation boundaries


The nearby Black Hills are home of the Lakota creation stories, sacred sites and, is the heart of Mother Earth. It is vital that all Lakota youth know the importance of the Black Hills, and the history of how is came to be today. 

Mentored by caring staff and volunteers, our youth are engaged year-round in fun and meaningful activities that foster leadership, cultural pride and environmental stewardship.


We believe these life skills will enhance their opportunities and their impact on the world around them.

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Virtual Waniyetu Wicoti

(Winter Camp)

ages 9 and older     February 19-21, 2022

Oglala Lakota Nation, SD

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Winter Camp -Astronomy & Historical Geology


Spring Camp- Lakota Horse Camp & Ride 


Summer Camp (Lakota Summer Science Field Institute (LSSFI))

     - Lakota Physics Camp (Bow Making Camp)     

     - Journey to the Center of the Earth

Fall Camp - Buffalo Sciences & Harvesting


"Itacan Kagapi(Creating Leaders In STEM)"


Activities are held at various schools on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Youth experience the integration of the Native Science Field Center's Medicine Wheel Model, Lakota Science and Western Science. 

Informal Science Seminars

Designed to inform and educate the Oglala Lakota Oyate (people) about sustainability of ecosystems in the area and about current and developing environmental issues that affect these ecosystems; these seminars are open to the public.

Food Sustainability Initiative-
Gardening, Gathering, Harvesting

     Throughout the year, Generations Indigenous Ways assists community members in learning healthy and traditional foods.  Gardening classes are offered in the spring to interested community members.  Participants learn the basics of gardening and receive garden tilling, seeds, and support in carrying out a successful garden.

     During the summer, plant harvesting education is carried out as well as traditional foods preparation education.  

A Lakota traditional Buffalo Kill is carried out, and a community feed takes place to honor the buffalo kill.  The sustenance from the buffalo kill benefits the seasonal camps as well as the informal science seminars throughout the year.

     See monthly calendar for updates.

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